Kobayashi noodle Uniqueness
Our gluten free fresh brown and white rice noodles cook up perfectly without any loss of texture within 3 minutes, Moreover, product shelf life is 1 year long after date of manufactured.


Yes Fresh!
Kobayashi noodle has been making only fresh noodle more than 70 years of experience.
The long cultivated skills make it possible to create its freshness.


Amazing texture
The key ingredients is using Japanese “koshihikari rice” .The feature of Japanese koshihikari rice is high in amylase which help to create the noodle’s amazing texture and taste. Thus its cooked up perfectly without any loss of texture.


No more patients! Usually, regular gluten-free pasta takes about 10 minutes to boil, but Kobayashi’s noodle just takes 3 minutes to boil because it’s fresh.


Benefit of Brown Rice Pasta
The brown rice pasta is a fresh rice flour which is made with pride in our craftmanship,our experience and our skill. We improved on the Japanese rice noodle and reformed the European and American-style noodle, pasta (fettuccine). Brown rice contains more than 40 kinds of vitamins and minerals. It is 100% Japanese brown rice. Because of the steam sterilization, brown rice pasta can be preserved in a refrigerator for 1 year without losing taste or freshness.


Rice flour noodle as a diet food
Typically, noodles are not suitable as a diet food, because it contains a large amount of carbohydrates. However, rice flour noodles are lower in calories, lower in fat and lower in proteins than wheat flour noodles. Thus,you can enjoy it with great taste and as a diet food.



If someone has an Allergic disease
Kobayashi noodle company, making safe and secure products, has put the emphasis on non allergy noodle production. Some of the “allergic five ingredients” are used as material in most other noodles. Kobayashi noodle company manufactures products which do not contain any allergic materials. We always conduct product development for people with food allergies, so they can enjoy noodles with confidence.