Where we are from
Gifu Prefecture is located almost in the center of the Japan. It covers an area of approximately 10621 km² and is one of the few inland Prefectures, surrounded by seven Prefectures. There are 4 distinct seasons, rainfall is rich and abundant nature gives Graceful Mountains and beautiful rivers. Gifu is a very traditional prefecture within Japan, and has been populated for thousands of years. Gifu has helped enhance Japanese culture in many ways, from the courageous samurais of Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu to providing advanced technology to the rest of Japan.

High Quality Rice Noodle
Kobayashi Noodle Company has been making good quality fresh noodles for many years and now we have perfectly created great taste, gluten free fresh rice pasta with an al dente texture you will love. Made with high quality Japanese rice, Kobayashi’s rice pasta will suit any meal. The Kobayashi family established a noodle company in 1947. Today, the second generations carry on the family heritage with the proud traditions. We try to find a guide into tomorrow by taking lessons from the past. We continue to make an effort to supply healthy rice products in safe, exclusive rice facility. We hope that all family members can eat and   share our products, safe in the knowledge that they are allergy free.